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According to Meadows, elements, interconnections and a function or purpose are necessary components in systems. Describe the elements, connections and/or functions or purpose in the Chesapeake Bay watershed system. Diagram the system including these elements.

Many elements are included in the bay game, but there are 3 of these elements I found was really important to the health of the bay, one is producer, namely, waterman (which is my role), crop farmer, animal farmer. The other is Consumer (which is not visible during the bay game, but has a deep impact on the price of the products from producer). And the last is regulator. Regulator setup rules mainly for producer, and then, producer changed their productivity according to the change of the rules set by producer. And this change eventually affect consumer via the price. It’s a complex long distance system, that system lag during the loop is critical. During bay game I played, I deeply experienced the lag. And regulator will be the key to predict the lag in advance and response in an appropriate time frame.

I think the objective of the system is not merely keeping the bay healthy, or gaining profit, but to keep a dynamic balance that all parts are benefit. A win-win game.

This is the previous version

This is a new version

Describe how your diagram and understanding have changed since your first diagram of the Chesapeake Bay watershed system.

I didn’t realized how important the economic and “goal of the system” is. I think the first diagram is more about activity oriented, and the second one is more player oriented. In terms of economy, I started to observe that nobody is willing to keep the bay healthy by sacrificing their economy profit. It’s not desirable to have a healthy bay and poor citizen. Another issue is, the goal of each person involved in the bay system is responsible to the bay health, but everyone has their own calculation. How can a regulator (as a key player in this case) draw an appropriate line, and say that, this is the limit. How to define the limits is a real challenge.

How do you think delay affects the efforts to improve the health of the Bay?

During the Bay Game, when the bay is declining in health status, everyone is quite focus on saving the bay by shifting to “harvest less”. And regulators became to tighten the limits. This in return raised the health status. But when the bay seems to be in good status, people started to think more about their profit, and their happiness, and regulators became to loosen. I think that at some points, it’s better to have an unhealthy bay but people actually aware the warning and trying to lift up the environment condition then having a seemingly healthy bay with people feeling relief and starting to ignore the environmental problems. So as the old famous Chinese saying, “生于忧患,死于安乐” (Survive in Disasters, Perish in Comfort / Hardship will lead to prosperity, while comfort will incur destruction). Always keep your eyes open and always do things appropriate to the bay.

What was your perceived understanding of the goal/s of the game? Did you think the overall goal/s “fit” with your goals as a stakeholder and citizen? Describe how your understanding of the goal/s affected your actions within the game?

I perceived the goal of the game is to agree into a balance that every role can achieve their own personal goal and at the same time, keep the bay healthy. The goal might be utopia given that it might never satisfy the greedy majority. But if the majority is less greedy and taking actions that have more beneficial impacts to the bay, I think that having the good strategy, making the appropriate decision, the overall goal will fit with personal goals no matter what role they are playing. I set my goal as my happiness and my concern of the environment and the economy are the same weight. I review my decision and make shifts during every round. It’s going closer over rounds.

We are improving the UVA Bay Game with each iteration and would like your feedback. Please share any thoughts you have on how the game could be better, what you liked, how it could be best used, and any other comments you have.

It’s really a great strategy game. I think it’s really helpful to know some more background information not only about the environmental issues about the bay, but about how those roles actually setup into the game. For me, I am kind of making random decisions in the first several rounds.

And, maybe this is too far away, but if we can add AI players and can practice myself several times before playing with human players as emulation, that would be really helpful. If we can get some Blizzard staff onboard, that will be great.


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